Can Police Come On My Property In Arizona?

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Can Police Come On My Property In Arizona?

Can Police Come On My Property In Arizona?

Are police allowed onto my property without my permission?

Generally, police are not allowed onto your property without a warrant or your consent, unless there are “exigent” circumstances. An example of an exigent circumstance is when police are in hot pursuit of a suspect. If that person flees onto your property in order to avoid arrest, the police may follow him onto the property in order to effectuate the arrest. See below for further details in our companion video.

“We Help Keep Good People Out Of Jail!”


Watch our detailed companion video: https://youtu.be/UZ5pbsCOkX0

We have the greatest amount of protection from unreasonable searches and seizures in our homes because we have the greatest expectation of privacy in our homes. The fourth amendment protects your person, your home, your belongings from unreasonable searches and seizures by requiring law enforcement officers to obtain warrants based on probable cause, and specifically describe the places allowed to be searched as well as the items to be seized.

If a law enforcement officer obtains evidence illegally, thus in violation of the fourth amendment, then the exclusionary rule will prevent that evidence from being used against you in court, unless the circumstances surrounding the search and seizure fall within one of the legal exceptions to the warrant requirement and the exclusionary rule. This chart highlights different scenarios and will hopefully answer a lot of your questions. Please note, this chart is not all inclusive, so you cannot look at this chart and believe this is the law, the end. This is why you hire lawyers to help you.