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Top-Rated Arizona Defense Lawyers Dedicated to DUI & Criminal Law

Top-Rated Arizona Defense Lawyers Dedicated to DUI and Criminal Law

Zach’s Story and Why We Help Clients

 Zach’s Story and Why We Help Clients!

Why You Need To Hire A Criminal Lawyer!

Welcome. If you are watching this video, you are asking yourself, “Do I need to hire a criminal defense firm, and should it be Future First Criminal Law”? The answer to those questions is, yes! My name is Zachary Divelbiss, I am a licensed criminal lawyer in the Phoenix Arizona area.

I have been in your shoes. I have been arrested multiple times. I have served time in jail. It is not fun, and you are probably scared and confused. In my past I made five-minute mistakes, and I thought if I paid the consequences, they would all be over. I found out the hard way even after graduating law school top of my class; I still had to overcome multiple hurdles for the following six years to prove I am competent to become a lawyer.

I do not want you to go through any of the struggles or mistakes I went through so it is especially important when I tell you having a DUI in your past will affect your future. Representing yourself at trial like I did for a false identification charge was not the best decision I could have made. The best decision to make at this point is to hire a law firm. At minimum have a consultation. The justice system is designed and fostered with one purpose – to convict you. Everyone employed within the system works to push you through the process as fast as possible. This is why my firm works diligently to help clients!

A law firm and your lawyer at minimum, have seven goals and responsibilities. First, investigate the charges against you. Your criminal defense lawyer will visit the crime scene if needed. Interview witnesses, review official reports and other documents. The goal of the police investigation is to obtain evidence to be used against you in the prosecution. Your defense lawyer’s goal is to see the other side of the case and investigate finding holes in the polices’ evidence, gaps in proof, inconsistencies, and other discrepancies. The more reasonable doubt, the better. It is a high standard to get beyond a reasonable doubt, but it is very possible for prosecutors to do this if you do not have your own lawyer.

The second reason is to scrutinize the officer’s conduct. Did the police officers conduct correctly associate you with the investigation and your arrest? Did they gather any evidence against you and did that happen against your constitutional rights? If so, your lawyer can file a motion to have the judge suppress or throw out that evidence against you before your case goes to trial. This is something only a licensed, educated and an experienced lawyer can do for you.

The third benefit of having a law firm to represent you is we are there to stand between you and the government. The State of Arizona, the prosecutors, the judges, the entire system, the laws, and procedures governing criminal cases are complicated. So, unless you have studied the law, it is impossible for you to know all your rights and when they are being violated. As your law firm, we can help you know if that is happening in your case.

The fourth reason to hire a criminal defense firm is to develop a theory of your defense. This is critical, especially if you believe you are innocent. Or if you believe something wrong happened in your case. To get the best outcome possible you need to have a law firm build you the best defense possible. We are going to see if the prosecution has a weak case against you and try and lower their case and the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt so we can dismiss or reduce your charges!

The fifth thing we will do is represent you at trial if you do not get the best plea deal possible. Most cases will be resolved under a plea agreement. Plea agreements can be beneficial because we get something in writing that explains exactly what you must do to finish your case. Your defense lawyer and the prosecutor can negotiate the best plea deal possible.

If you must go to trial, we will be there to represent you. We have experience going to trial. Unlike non-lawyers, we do not get nervous when we are standing in front of judges, lawyers, and police officers. At the trial we are your voice to present your case. We will help you pick the best jury possible. We object to improper evidence and testimony, and we cross examine all the witnesses presented against you and then we present your defense to the jury, and we will ask them to rule in your favor.

The sixth reason goes back to the plea agreement. Helping you understand the big decision you need to make. The big decision is understanding what a plea agreement is and how is your plea agreement specific to you. Then we will help you understand whether you should accept the plea agreement or whether you should go to trial. We will help you make the big decision of whether you decide to go to trial. If at that point at trial whether you should also testify in your own defense. Our experience will give you the best benefit to make the best decisions possible.

Finally, one of the most important reasons why you should hire our law firm is that we will effectively communicate with you. You are the one going through this case, it is your life and your future at stake. Having been in your shoes I understand the importance of communication, which is why our law firm includes you in a group text message with access to our entire legal team whenever you need us.

Additionally, and more importantly, when we get updates on your case, after we review your police reports, body camera footage, 911 phone calls, we will make custom videos for you. We highlight key areas of your defense and provide advice so you can make the most educated decision. You can save these videos to rewatch and/or show your family if you wish. This is something no other law firm offers.

If these seven reasons are not convincing enough, I want you to think about your future once again. Think about what your life would be like if you were not facing these criminal charges. Think about what your life would be like if these charges were gone, and you can go home or you can drive again without the fear of being pulled over or arrested.

This is especially important because I have been in your shoes. I created my firm to help people like you, like me in the past. We made a poor choice or made a mistake that we did not even know was against the law. You want to be finished with your case so you can move on with the rest of your life. If this is for you, I look forward to having you as one of our clients and giving you the best results possible. Please contact us today for  a free consultation. https://futurefirst.law/contact-us-today/


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