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4 Ways To Get Out Of Jail By Using A Bond

4 Ways To Get Out Of Jail By Using A Bond

What is Bail?


“Bail” is the legal term for the conditions upon which a defendant is released from custody. The conditions of your release may include the posting of collateral (money or property); the promise to obey court-ordered restrictions on your liberty; and the promise to return to court to answer the charges. Depending on your circumstances, different types of bail might be available to you:

  • Unsecured Bond – you are released on your own recognizance (ROR) or on a bond without a cash deposit and no collateral other than your signature.


  • Cash Bond – the court requires the deposit of cash (either the full amount or a percentage) as collateral to secure your release.


  • Surety Bond – requires the signature of a third party; the court also may require the third party to post collateral to secure your release.


  • Real Property Bond – Your home, or the home of a family member or friend, may be put up as collateral for your release. This can be an attractive (but potentially risky) option. It allows you and your family to keep your cash for living expenses and legal fees; it also makes a strong argument in favor of your release because if you fail to appear for trial you – or your family member or friend – will lose the home. This gives you a powerful incentive to return to court.


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