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Top-Rated Arizona Defense Lawyers Dedicated to DUI and Criminal Law

How YOU Can Help Your Case


Follow these tips and watch our video to see How YOU Can Help Your Case.

1. Tell your lawyer the whole story. You must be completely honest with your lawyer. My job is to help you and I am not allowed to tell anybody what you have told me except to help you. If you have lied to me, I may take action on your behalf which will be impossible to correct when the truth comes out. If you have told me something that is not true, do not be afraid to tell me the truth now. I will not be angry at you. I need to know the whole truth so I can represent your best interests without being surprised later on after it’s too late to change my strategy.

2. Behave yourself. Between your arrest and your trial you must stay out of trouble. The last thing you need is to go to trial with another problem hanging over your head. Do not go and talk to potential witnesses. Do not try to justify yourself to anyone. Your friends don’t need to hear it and people who think you are guilty won’t believe it. The only person you should communicate with about your case is your lawyer.

3. If you are in Jail. Be aware that telephone calls are monitored. Be aware your in-coming and outgoing mail will be opened and read. Mail to and from your lawyer will not be read if you write “Lawyer Client Legal Mail” on the envelope, in most cases. Be aware you may have to get prior approval before your family will be allowed to visit. If you want family members to visit, talk to detention center officials about getting them on your approved list of visitors and/or telephone numbers you are allowed to call. Be aware in order to purchase things from the commissary or make long distance telephone calls, you must have money deposited into your detention center account.

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