Secure Your Job After A DUI


In this video, you will learn the BEST ways to keep your job secure right after you get a DUI. Learn exactly what a lawyer did to keep his job when he got a DUI and how he has helped 100+ clients keep their jobs without their employers ever finding out! This video will explain all of the secrets you need to know so you don’t lose your job.

Watch our companion video. PREFILE DUI: How To Know If My DUI Is Active Or Prefile

In this video: https://youtu.be/jHnC1MsJGbg I want to emphasize the importance of understanding whether your DUI is a pre-file or active case and how it can affect the legal process. If a person did not receive a citation with a court date at the time of the arrest, then it may be pre-file status. There is a one-year statute of limitations for misdemeanor DUIs in Arizona, and it’s essential to hire a lawyer for pre-file cases to avoid an arrest warrant. I share how my law firm can help with pre-file cases by conducting weekly searches for the case, providing a flexible payment plan, and requesting the police report.

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