How To Get Out Of Jail Without Any Money

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How To Get Out Of Jail Without Any Money

How To Get Out Of Jail Without Any Money

How is bail determined?

Your bail will be set at hearing, at or immediately after your initial appearance before a judge. Your attorney will present facts in your favor, including, as appropriate, your employment history and status; your personal situation; your family’s need for your income and health benefits; and your ties to the community. In all likelihood, you will not testify.

The judge may deny bail and order “preventive pretrial detention,” if the charges against you are serious and detention is the only reasonable way to ensure the safety of the community or a particular person. Alternatively, the judge may effectively deny bail by setting bail at an amount that is beyond your means. Either way, you will be returned to jail to await trial. If you are released on bail, you may be released on conditions.

These conditions might include:

1. Travel restrictions.

2. A curfew.

3. A prohibition against the use of drugs and/or alcohol, along with monitoring or testing.

4. Consent to warrantless, random searches of your person and home.

5. Psychiatric evaluation.

6. A prohibition against contacting witnesses or the victim.

7. Electronic monitoring (e.g., if you are under house arrest or a travel restriction).



“We Help Keep Good People Out Of Jail!”

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