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Future First Criminal Law is your top choice for competitive criminal defense and DUI law firms. Our practice is limited to a small number of criminal defense clients to best devote all of our time and attention to EVERY client’s needs. We understand that your future is at risk and our team will work diligently to develop an unwavering defense in court.

google 145+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"Been working with Future First Criminal Legal Team since 2020. They helped provide legal experience for an unjustified case I was not taking the plea. Fast forward to 2023, case was pulled to Superior Court and dismissed the day before the actual court date. Big thanks to the whole FFC Legal Team truly helped provide the outcome wanted."

grev minJay E. 2023

google 145+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"Future First Criminal Law is a great firm. Very professional and reactive. Ed was great and got me the best option that wasn’t originally even an option. They were recommended to me and come highly recommended from me. Thanks Future First team!"

grev minKaycie L. 2023

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Divelbiss in the past and know him to be a hard working professional. His attention to detail and care for his clients set him apart from the rest!”

grev minJoshua Black, Attorney

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"Future first is 100% worth the cost. Honesty up front and through the end. The videos they make answered almost all my questions and I never had to go to their office. The group txt they have answered the rest and made it really easy to send documents via picture. They got me a better deal than I thought possible. Would highly recommend."


grev minCharlie B. 2022

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

“I am a commercial truck driver that was excused of a serious traffic violation during an accident. Future first took the reigns and guided me through start to finish. They not only got my charges dismissed saved my job and my commercial drivers license.”

grev minJ.M. 2021


google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

“Attorney Divelbiss is a hard worker and will advocate for his clients with an attention to detail that you don't see very often these days.”

grev minBrandon White, Attorney

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"The team is wonderful I would recommend these guys a million times to anyone who needs them. They are professional and they keep you updated every step of the way. Thank you guys soooo much. Ed you the best you have a wonderful team. I literally thought my life was over but trust these guys delivered."

grev minKay L. - June 2023

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

“Mr. Divelbiss is a GREAT attorney, very honest and reliable. He takes his times with every client and answers all questions and concerns. Is been a pleasure working with Mr. Divelbiss and he serves his clients very well!”

grev minAllen Hsu, Attorney

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"The entire law firm was extremely helpful and made my life as easy as possible. Would not have gotten the results I did without them. Definitely recommend."

grev minAaron K. - June 2023

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

“Mr. Divelbiss and I worked in the same office, although we were at different law firms. He was eager to learn and developed a reputation for honesty and zealous advocacy.”

grev minKristopher Califano, Attorney

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

"If I could rate Future First Crimal Law higher I would. After making the dumb mistake of getting a DUI they have been there for me every step of the way. There is nothing worse than going at this alone. You want someone in your corner during this stressful time and no one is better than Zach and his team there. Without them the consequences would’ve been much worse so very thankful to the team."

grev minAdam - July 2023

google 100+ Five-Star Google Reviews

“Attorney Divelbiss is bright, hard-working, and well-versed in criminal law. His legal writing is superb, and his commitment to his clients is outstanding. He will fight for you and offer you the best defense possible. Additionally, he is a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse this lawyer.”

grev minJosephine Hallam, Attorney

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